New 'Little Red Riding Hood' Tale - Bloody Disgusting
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New ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ Tale



Terrestrial Pictures and Illusion Enterprises are pleased to announce the upcoming production A Tale of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. Based on one of the most famous and cherished fables, the new live-action film will be a darker reimaging of the cautionary classic Little Red Riding Hood. Details about the reimaging of the story are not being revealed at this time, but story will still involve and expand on a young girl’s encounter with a menacing wolf in the forest. The film will be directed by Joseph Bat, based off his own script adaptation and be produced by Byron Scott. Production is being designed with high production values and will begin next year. The film is planned for a half hour running time to make it appealing for television broadcast and DVD release. Currently, the first teaser poster to the film has been released. A website will be launched soon.


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