‘Blade 4’ Talk Already?

Moviehole pointed us in the right direction where Vancouver Province Columnist Sorelle Saidman who has her own section on the HNR Forums caught up with Blade: Trinity writer/director David Goyer to talk about everything related to the production – including the inevitable question of whether there or not will be a Blade 4? Trinity stars Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Jessica Biel and is set for a August 13 release. Read on for a look at the article and the hysterical answer to the question.
“It was quite a long haul,” says Goyer of the 18-week shoot, “but you know, I had a really great experience. I loved it, I’m quite missing Vancouver.”

“I was just going to write and produce. Before (producer) Lynn Harris suggested that I direct, it never occurred to me,” says Goyer. “But I immediately put on my director’s hat and said, ‘Well, let’s see how the script turns out.'”

So. How did the script turn out?
As expected, there’s a lot of action. “We had a lot of big stunts, more than the other films. We blew things up, smashed a lot of cars. We blew up, smashed and shattered $170,000 [US] in glass alone.

“The big surprise for me was that it turned out quite funny, it has quite a bit of comedy. That’s why I decided to cast a lot of people that had improvisational backgrounds or comedic backgrounds.”

In addition to Snipes, Kris Kristofferson returns as Blade mentor Whistler. Newbies include Jessica Biel (7th Heaven) as Whistler’s daughter, Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder) as a vampire hunter in cahoots with Blade, Parker Posey (Best in Show) as the head vampire and wrestler Triple H as her sidekick.

“I was really pleasantly surprised by Triple H,” says Goyer. “(Others) were very keen on bringing him in but I wasn’t a giant WWE fan. But he turned out to be completely professional, dedicated and humble, and very funny with great comedic timing. We ended up writing more scenes for him.”

Snipes didn’t surprise Goyer. He declined to detail the star’s notoriously bad behaviour but stories about Snipes’ partying, carousing, fights, tantrums and tardiness were legendary on the set. “I am going to try and be as diplomatic as possible,” says Goyer. “There has always been drama on the Blade films and this one was no different. We prepared for drama . . . and there it was.”

Will he work with Snipes again? Long pause. “Yeah,” says a resigned-sounding Goyer.

Will there be a ‘Blade 4’?
“Wesley told me when we did the second one that he thought he only had one more in him but you never know. We’ll see. I always conceived of three films and there is a definite ending to this. I don’t want to cheat (by opening it up again). On the other hand if it does $150 million, then . . . we’re all whores.”

More from the chat is available at the link below.

Source: HNR Forums, Moviehole.net
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