Just How Important is this ‘Dawn’ Remake?

It depends on how you look at it, but from George Romero’s perspective, Universal’s remake of Dawn of the Dead could help him get the financial relief for his fourth and final zombie flick, which is tentatively titled Dead Reckoning. Read on for some quotes from Shivers Magazine about the fourth zombie flick and what Romero thinks about the Dawn remake, which hits theaters this March.
Transcript courtesy of Shivers Magazine and Creature-Corner: Romero states, “I agreed to do the Night of the Living Dead remake because I felt it was a way for everyone to benefit financially from the franchise,” Romero tells the magazine. “I think Dead Reckoning could be the best Dead film I’ve ever done, but everyone in Hollywood’s obsessed with doing Teenage Horror films and it’s tough to raise financing, even for someone with a track record like myself, and everyone who’s read Dead Reckoning loves it. It’s a story about a class struggle amidst the zombie apocalypse with the rich and the poor living opposite each other – the haves don’t want to be exposed to the zombies and they don’t want to share their community with the have-knots. The Dead Reckoning is this monster truck that the hero of the story travels around in. Maybe if Dawn of the Dead’s a hit, it will help my film get made.

Source: Shivers Magazine, Creature-Corner