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BDTV: ‘Tortured’ Clip and Trailer

If you click on over to BDTV, you can check out the trailer and an exclusive clip from Sony Home Entertainment’s forthcoming DVD release of Tortured, which streets on September 16th. Written and directed by Nolan H. Lebovitz, the film stars Cole Hauser, James Cromwell, Laurence Fishburne, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jon Cryer, James Denton and Kevin Pollak. Read on for a synopsis and cover art.
Jimmy Vaughn (Cole Hauser) is a young, ambitious FBI agent who undertakes the mission of infiltrating a long-established underworld figure named Ziggy. Ziggy has evaded the FBI for decades and Vaughn feels he has the strength and skills to take him down. What he doesn’t expect is the brutal initiation rites into Ziggy’s world. After enduring beatings and interrogations, Vaughn receives his final test – to inflict severe physical and psychological torture on Ziggy’s accountant (Laurence Fishburne), whom he alleges stole money from him. From here on in, his double life starts to unravel. His longtime girlfriend (Emmanuelle Chriqui) leaves him, the FBI psychiatrist (Kevin Pollak – TV’s “Shark”) recommends aborting the mission and even his father (James Cromwell), a senior agent, cautions him. But Vaughn cannot be dissuaded as he is in too far. Horrific twists emerge as he dives deeper into the criminal underbelly, discovering that in Ziggy’s world, everyone is tortured.



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