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New Zealand [REC] Promotion Draws REAL Blood

One of my favorite foreign horror films of all-time is Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza’s Spanish flick [REC] (review), which has already been remade here in the States as QUARANTINE (hitting theaters October 10). While the remake is already arriving in theaters, the original is still making its way around the world giving horror fans a taste of some real horror. While the film was making its rounds in New Zealand, a promotion for the release made the news as it was banned by the New Zealand censors. Read on to see what happened…

A promotion for the release of an upcoming horror film involving a cocktail laced with human blood has been banned by New Zealand censors, according to Stuff (and various other sources).

The promotion for Spanish horror film [REC] – a movie so scary one Kiwi viewer soiled themselves at the New Zealand premiere – was deemed dangerous and offensive by the Chief Investigator for the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

It centred around an Extreme Bloody Mary, a make-believe cocktail containing drops of blood.
Under Section 9 of the Food Act 1981, it is prohibitive to serve food that is unsound, unfit or offensive for human consumption.

[REC] is a documentary-style film in the style of The Blair Witch Project that follows local Barcelona firefighters working a night shift.

It is being released in New Zealand theatres from August 28, and is screening as part of the Incredibly Strange Film Festival.



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