A Brief 'Ghostbusters 3' Update From Dan Ackroyd - Bloody Disgusting
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A Brief ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Update From Dan Ackroyd



The long gestured GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is quickly becoming one of the most aggravating projects to follow on the Hollywood block. With franchises seemingly being the only real force in Tinseltown, it’s shocking to me that the third film isn’t already in production, or at least in heated talks. Rumors hit the web this summer at Comic Con – and then were squashed – that Apatow and Rogen would be joining the project, and there have still been rumblings about this HELLBENT CGI direct-to-disc release, but nothing has ever been officially announced. Today a blurb from “real” Ghostbuster Dan Ackroyd hit the web that carries a small glimpse of hope. Read on, watch, then speculate with the best of us…

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