Milla Jovovich Spills Some Plot Details

Besides scoring eight new images from the set, MTV had all sorts of goodies and spoilers for you Resident Evil: Apocalypse fans out there. Even though the sequel isn’t hitting theaters until October 1st, it’s never too early to get caught up in the hype. Paul W.S. Anderson’s sequel stars Milla Jovovich, Eric Mabius, Oded Fehr and Sienna Guillory. Read on and beware of spoilers!
MTV reports some of Milla Jovovich’s interview, “At the end of the first movie my character survives by the skin of her teeth and she enters this city, and it’s completely destroyed, and we don’t really know what’s going on,” a parka-covered Jovovich explained on the set between takes. “At the beginning of this one we pick that up and we see the back history of how the city became deserted, and we meet all of the characters.”

“Nemesis has a helicopter gun that he uses as a hand gun,” Milla explained excitedly. “There’s this scene in a hallway where I’m running from the Nemesis and he takes out the gun and shoots at me. And literally, it’s the first time anything like this has been filmed. It fires like 1,500 bullets a minute.”

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Source: MTV