‘Seed of Chucky’ Crew Update

Earlier this week Variety reported that Don Mancini’s fifth Child’s Play venture, Seed of Chucky is now looming on a nice October 29th release date – just in time for Halloween. But now that the film is about to begin lensing in Romania, all sorts of news has been popping up. Inside you’ll find some information on the crew who just signed on to help make this fifth movie a success.
Moviehole writes, “Cristi Nicelescu has signed on to be the production designer on Seed of Chucky. Nicelescu is currently in L.A for prep. It’s his first time in the Country. His previous credits include “Dracula 3 – Legacy” and “Method”, starring Liz Hurley, which is currently in post. Also recently joining the production is Mark Allen, a whiz at animatronics. It’s believed Allen might also be involved in a follow-up to ‘Seed’. “Seed of Chucky” is about the androgynous son of Chucky and Tiffany goes to Los Angeles looking for his parents who live in Jennifer Tilly’s house. They use Tilly as a surrogate for Chucky’s seed.

Source: Moviehole