‘Crow: Wicked Prayer’ Crap and Heading to Video?

Wow guys, this is starting to sound bad, real real bad. I’ve known something for quite sometime now, but needed a little more confirmation on the deal before I started any rumors. Everyone has been reporting that Edward Furlong’s Crow: Wicked Prayer is heading to theaters sometime in 2004. Well I’ve got some bad news for you – apparently it’s not, and its even worse. Read on for details.
This is what triggered my report here today, I received this from Koolie, “I’m in NZ, was watching the coke countdown (perfect for a hangover). Local actress Rena Owen – she was in once were warriors – said she’s just done a part in the new movie Crow – Wicked Prayer, playing Mary or Maryanne. She said it’s going direct to video and should be in stores by the end of the year – no cinemas. She is also on the short list to star in a Warner movie that shoots in Oz in March or April (is that Superman?)

Well, this is the third email I’ve received stating that Wicked Prayer is heading to video and one of those sources is a high guarantee. Besides the consistency in direct-to-video news, two out of the three emails stated that from what they heard, the movie was “awful,” and that there was no way the movie would make theaters.

Sorry to be the bringer of such crappy disappointing news, but I can pretty much guarantee this is true. The only way I can see the movie making it theatrically at this point would be some re-shoots and some miraculous editing.