James Gunn Talks ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Remake

Universal’s Dawn of the Dead remake is hitting theaters next month with a lot of people wondering what to expect – is it a straight up remake or something new like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Inside, you can read a portion of an interview with writer James Gunn about his approach to the remake of George Romero’s classic zombie flick, with a little more explanation on what to expect this March.
Moviehole writes, “Gunn shed some light on his involvement with the “Dawn of the Dead” remake. “Basically my involvement was writing the original scripts. Dawn and Scooby shot at the same time, and I had producing duties to attend to on Scooby 2. The remake aspect (of ‘Dawn’) didn’t appeal to me all that much. What appealed to me was a hardcore zombie horror apocalypse film set in a mall. And I did think because of the title the movie would get made. A script as violent as it was probably would not have gotten greenlit if it didn’t have the Dawn title. It differs from the original in most ways, besides the central premise of a sole band of survivors being trapped in a mall surrounded by a sea of zombies. Other than that, it’s its own thing.”

Follow the link below for the full interview.

Source: Moviehole