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Adrien Brody Talks Argento’s ‘Giallo’

At this past week’s Toronto International Film Festival, Star Adrien Brody was on hand promoting one of his many upcoming films, THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Premiere Magazine had the chance to talk to the star, who chatted a bit about Giallo, a film he recently wrapped with legendary Italian director Dario Argento at the helm. Inside you can read what he had to say about the film said to be inspired by Argento’s earlier works.
It was exciting, it was an opportunity.” Brody tells Premiere Magazine about his experience on GIALLO, Dario Argeto’s latest thriller. “I like Dario very much; I’m a fan of his films and I’m friends with Asia, his daughter. She’s a great actor. You know, the way that I view work these days is I like to experiment, try different things… My girlfriend was actually offered the role first, and my instinct was, because of the nature of her character, I thought it was very tough for her to go through, and I [thought] she should really give it a lot of consideration and possibly not do it, and part of the reason I signed on as a producer was to protect her. [laughs] And then I joined up, and then the character that I play is a detective that’s looking to rescue her, so in a sense my motivation follows in the character, so we thought that was quite an interesting thing.

One of my own personal concerns was whether or not GIALLO is actually a “giallo” film.

It’s more of an homage to his earlier films, like Deep Red,” Brody explains.

GIALLO takes place in Italy, where an American woman fears her sister may have been kidnapped. Inspector Enzo Avolfi fears it’s worse. They team up to rescue her from a sadistic killer known only as Yellow.

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