New ‘Halloween’ Figures on the Way!

Celluloid Shockers and are both reporting that NECA has acquired the rights to both Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis! We will be seeing both figures in both regular size and 18″ glory! See what Tankman had to say about the exclusive two-pack inside!
Tankman tells Celluloid Shockers, “There will be a NECA Myers vs Loomis two pack and 18 incher. The Myers is roughed out. The likeness and pose is much better than the other two I did. Loomis as a figure in 2004. YES.

I will do my best to make the Donald Pleasence likeness dead on. Randy and I have wanted a Loomis fig for years. The two pack will kick BUTT. The 25th [Anniversary] DVD really has help with Michaels likeness.

I am looking at the Neca Myers now and it makes me want to trash the old one. This figure will not have blood all over it. I can’t wait for all of you to see it. Michael Myers so coooooool. He’s the newest coolest thing. You can take that to the bank.”

Source: Celluloid Shockers,