Goyer Talks ‘Blade’ Spin-Offs and ‘Alone’

Vancouver Province Columnist Sorelle Saidman who has her own section on the HNR Forums called All Star Bulletin has posted up the 2nd half of her chat with Blade: Trinity writer/director David Goyer. Goyer talks about all sorts of things from his Blade spin-offs to a new movie called Alone. Inside is a good juicy part of the interview, to get the full read follow the link inside.
Here’s a portion of an interview with The Hollywood North Report, “David Goyer, the writer of all three of the Blade movies and the director of the just-wrapped Blade: Trinity, says he bonded with stars Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel and may be may be spinning off their Vampire hunting characters into a new film.

Goyer, back in Los Angeles for the post-production process, is meeting with Vancouver native Reynolds about a number of projects. (Biel is in Australia working on Stealth).

“We have a shared soul,” says Goyer of Reynolds. “I could see us having one of those famous relationships where you’re going to do six movies together.”
A TV show is also under discussion. “We’re talking about doing a TV show that would be a prequel taking place when (Blade) is twenty years old and Whistler is in his forties,” confirms Goyer.

And he hints that another project he’s producing, called Alone, might be shot in Vancouver later this year. “It’s about a sixteen year old agoraphobic girl who is convinced there is a ghost in her house that’s trying to kill her. It’s actually a pretty scary script.”

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Source: The Hollywood North Report