Lance Hendriksen Assures Us – The FX is Done Right!

What scared me the most when I heard that Alien vs Predator got the greenlight from Fox was how would it the film look? After such mishaps like the disgusting FX in Alien 3, it made me a little worried that a “mess” full of Aliens attacking a few Predators could lead to some terrible FX work. Sure a lot of time has passed, and the quality of FX can be alarmingly realistic at times, but It’s still expensive, which led me to believe the FX work could still suck. Well rest assured kiddies, Lance Hendriksen will put your minds at ease. Read on.
During a recent interview with Web Magic, Lance Hendriksen put ouyr minds at ease regarding thr FX in Alien vs Predator, “When you look at that movie [Master and Commander] they spent almost $50 million on the special effects storm – I knew it was digital the minute I saw it – all our stuff, it’s real and then they use the effects just for that added – to enhance it. So it’s a much different movie that way .. he’s very smart about it. There are some things that are impossible to do, there is no other way of doing it .. but we’re only talking a 2 second shot. So we’re in a great zone, it’s really original.”

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Source: Web Magic