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‘Carl Panzram: A True Story of Hatred and Revenge’ Trailer, Casting

Filmmaker John Borowski (H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer, Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation) announces John DiMaggio (Futurama’s Bender the Robot) cast as the voice of killer Carl Panzram, who is the focus of Borowski’s third film tentatively titled: CARL PANZRAM: A TRUE STORY OF HATRED AND REVENGE. Read on for the story.
For Borowski, being an avid video game player has its benefits. “I chose John DiMaggio to portray Carl Panzram’s voice after hearing John’s voice in numerous video games, where he portrays gruff tough guys. I sought an actor who could portray a hate-filled serial killer, but also be introspective and sympathetic.” says Borowski.

Panzram marks the first Borowski film to have no narrator. Instead, Panzram (DiMaggio) will narrate his own story. Tony Jay, who served as narrator on Borowski’s previous films, H.H. Holmes and Albert Fish, passed away in 2006. “I believe about 99% of Panzram’s autobiography is true. I combined this with the fact that Panzram wrote over 40,000 words, and decided Panzram would best narrate his own story.” says Borowski.

Production on Panzram has begun, sending the filmmaker coast to coast. Early 2008, he spent time in New York State, filming Clinton Prison in Dannemora, New York, where Panzram attempted escape. Later, he filmed Panzram’s handwritten papers at San Diego State University. Following the style of his previous films, Borowski has obtained numerous expert interviews including: Scott Christianson PhD., Joe Coleman, Mark Gado, Dr. Thomas Gitchoff, Joel Goodman, and Katherine Ramsland PhD.

Borowski says he is “creating historic documentaries with a contemporary perspective on serial killers from America’s past. We need to place aside our preconceived notions of serial killers, take an intelligent look at serial murder and realize that we are dealing with human beings – not the monsters they are made out to be. Panzram’s depraved acts were clearly horrific; however, so were the torturous acts inflicted by hypocritical guards who were protected behind the facades of state-run institutions.”



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