Movie Maniacs Series 7 Announced….

.. or should I call it Texas Chainsaw Massacre series 1? Ok, I know I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this, but the line-up for Movie Maniacs series 7 is bull crap. I’m all game when it comes to variants, and Im totally game for a special box set that goes with one of the figures from a series; but when four out of the six figures are from the exact same movie, what’s the freaking point? I was pissed when McFarlane did it with the Terminator figures, and I got even more pissed when they turned Movie Maniacs 6 into an all Alien and Predator line. Now this gets even funnier – you are going to love it! Just read on for the laugh of your life!

OK everyone… drumroll please – Movie Maniacs Series 7 consists of:

- Robocop – Cool, I guess….

- Colonial Marine Hicks – sweet! Another Alien figure! This should go well with the Alien vs Predator line coming this summer. (Total Sarcasm)

- Leatherface ’03

- Old Monty (TCM ’03)

- Sheriff Hoyt (TCM ’03)

- Erin (TCM ’03)

- and a super special 12″ Leatherface ’03 – what was wrong with the first one?

There you have it, Texas Chainsaw Series 1 err… I mean Movie Maniacs 7. Lets do the math one more time. One Hero + a new Alien figure + 4 Texas Chainsaw figures = I love NECA?

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