Movie Maniacs Series 7 Announced….

.. or should I call it Texas Chainsaw Massacre series 1? Ok, I know I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this, but the line-up for Movie Maniacs series 7 is bull crap. I’m all game when it comes to variants, and Im totally game for a special box set that goes with one of the figures from a series; but when four out of the six figures are from the exact same movie, what’s the freaking point? I was pissed when McFarlane did it with the Terminator figures, and I got even more pissed when they turned Movie Maniacs 6 into an all Alien and Predator line. Now this gets even funnier – you are going to love it! Just read on for the laugh of your life!

OK everyone… drumroll please – Movie Maniacs Series 7 consists of:

Robocop – Cool, I guess….

Colonial Marine Hicks – sweet! Another Alien figure! This should go well with the Alien vs Predator line coming this summer. (Total Sarcasm)

Leatherface ’03

Old Monty (TCM ’03)

Sheriff Hoyt (TCM ’03)

Erin (TCM ’03)

– and a super special 12″ Leatherface ’03 – what was wrong with the first one?

There you have it, Texas Chainsaw Series 1 err… I mean Movie Maniacs 7. Lets do the math one more time. One Hero + a new Alien figure + 4 Texas Chainsaw figures = I love NECA?

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