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Slumber Party Slaughterhouse Contest!

Halo-8, the sick bastards behind next month’s dvd-game ‘Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game,’ are offering Bloody Disgusting readers a chance to participate in the game’s creation and win prizes in the process! How to enter? Oh man is it easy, just read on for details…
The game is a slasher-movie-trivia challenge… so all you have to do is comment below with your favorite slasher movie trivia question (any question!) – and if it gets used in the game, then you’ll be awarded an assortment of FIVE Halo-8 DVDs and get your name in the credits! *

If you don’t know already, ‘Slumber Party Slaughterhouse’ is Halo-8’s Halloween treat for the fans… a campy horror dvd-game starring TIFFANY SHEPIS (Nightmare Man), MASUIMI MAX (The Devil’s Muse), JOANNA ANGEL (Sick & Twisted Horror of Joanna Angel), KATIE NISA (Threat), PAGE TURNER (Pilates For Indie Rockers), and MELISSA BACELAR (Pink Eye). In the game Paul Tard, a hapless geek graduating from air conditioner repair school, is dissed by his friends when they uninvite him to their graduation party. It turns out they’ve ordered enough hookers and coke for everyone coming to the party, but Paul’s bi-curious ex-girlfriend convinced the party organizers to give her Paul’s hooker. So Paul does what any red-blooded American guy would do, he drowns his sorrows in a bubble bath and brings along his trusty laptop for some internet porn. Unfortunately, he gets a bit too excited, drops the laptop in the bathtub, and electrocutes himself to death. Paul is then visited by a slasher-film-obsessed Devilgirl who gives him the chance to take revenge by possessing the hookers and killing his friends… but first he must correctly answer the Devilgirl’s slasher movie trivia questions. Each correct answer unlocks the next “killscene,” and each killscene is directed by a different Halo-8 filmmaker.

“SPS was created as a Halloween treat for twisted gorehounds like us,” said SPS creator Matt Pizzolo (writer/director of ‘Threat,’ upcoming ‘Godkiller,’ and prez of Halo-8). “So we brought a bunch of Halo-8 filmmakers and stars together to make a collaborative project that also has an Audience Participation component… the theatrical screenings will be live events with prizes awarded for correct answers. It makes perfect sense to us that the fans oughta be involved in coming up with the questions, too, not just answering them.”

The contest will run until Friday September 26th. Winners will be announced the following week.

*DO NOT post your information, we’ll contact you via private message if you win…

The DVD hits shelves October 28th or you can pre-order it here



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