New Addition to the ‘House of Wax’ Remake

So far we’ve seen a few negative script reviews, cried when they announced the film would not be in 3-D and we all laughed out loud when we saw that first time Director Jaume Serra would helm the flick. Dark Castle has been struggling to make a good movie for years now, but is still trying to find the perfect mix. Hopefully some miracle will happen, because I was extremely excited when I heard they were remaking House of Wax. Inside you’ll find some new casting information from the flick that hits theaters next October.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Chad Michael Murray, who stars on the WB Network’s “One Tree Hill,” is entering Dark Castle Entertainment’s House of Wax for Warner Bros. Pictures/Village Roadshow Pictures.

Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Susan Levin are producing. “Wax” is a remake of the 1953 classic horror film “House of Wax 3-D,” which starred Vincent Price and was directed by Andre de Toth. That Warners picture centered on a mad professor who used human bodies covered with wax in his wax museum. The new version will depart from the original but will retain the gruesome “human bodies in wax” element and focus on a group of teens who fall prey to demented killers who have a penchant for encasing their victims in wax.

Murray plays one of the teens. Polly Cohen is the Warners production exec on the project, while Kristin Lowe is the creative exec. The film, written by Chad and Carey Hayes, will shoot in Australia. Last summer, Murray appeared in “Freaky Friday,” which grossed more than $110 million. His other credits include “Gilmore Girls” and “Dawson’s Creek.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter