The 'Night' Returns 'Again' For IDW In New '30 Days Of Night' Series! - Bloody Disgusting
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The ‘Night’ Returns ‘Again’ For IDW In New ’30 Days Of Night’ Series!



Not only one of the most successful, but entertaining vampire series of the past decade was without a doubt Steve Niles’ (Interview) “30 DAYS OF NIGHT”. The series has spawned not only a major blockbuster film, but also a handful of additional story-arcs, and beyond the break you can check out a 9 page preview of the first issue of the latest mini-series in the franchise, “NIGHT AGAIN”. Read on for the skinny…

Written by Joe Lansdale
Art by Sam Kieth
Covers by Sam Kieth, Jay Fotos, and Davide Furno

“Fleeing the site of a secondary vampire infestation in the cold, wilds of Alaska, a band of survivors arrive at a climate change facility during the final days of a long period of extended daylight. The inhabitants of the research compound are trying to determine the nature of a strange object found in the ice when the survivors arrive, leading to a frightening and bloody confrontation between humans and vampires and an odd and unexpected guest!”

“30 DAYS OF NIGHT: NIGHT AGAIN” Issue #1 Is Available NOW From IDW Publishing! (MSRP – $3.99)


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