A ‘Wicked’ Crow Dispute

I received an email from Stephen, whom works at Rena Owen’s official website, who sent me an email regarding my story on The Crow: Wicked Prayer going direct to video. Read on for their side of the story..
According to Stephen, “I’m not sure where Koolie got his information (in this post), but Rena did not appear on Coke Countdown recently. She wanted me to tell you that she thinks the Crow 4 will be a great film, and she and everyone involved is hoping for a cinematic release. She has never stated that it will be going to video. Rena also wonders where this rumor about an upcoming Warner Bros. film came from, as she is not aware of any project like that.

These rumors seem to be spreading around the web already, so Rena would appreciate it if you could set the record straight. Thanks!

Well Koolie may have been wrong about her appearing on the countdown, but I’ve still got numerous sources who indicate that the film is “crap” and going straight to video and two of these sources are very close to the films production! Come on, why else would a finished movie with Edward Furlong be sitting on the shelve collecting dust? The only release date is still in Russia… in August.

I guess we’ll know soon enough, won’t we?

Source: Reno Owen