‘Rip Cage’ Updates and Poster Art

Lennie over at Savage Dog Films – who also works for uncubed.com – dropped us a little update on his film entitled Rip Cage, which is now set to premiere in November of this year at a European film festival. Inside you’ll find some new information about the plot along with a look at their poster in progress.
Lennie writes, “First and above all. The film will premiere in mid-November 2004 at a European film festival. The first bits and pieces for the music are in already and I am extremely thrilled to see how it all blends in with the opening gothic art sequence, which is done also.

As far as what we will show you in Rip Cage we have really tried to push the envelope. A lot of discussions have been held about whether we will go too far with certain scenes or not. From what I can reveal now there’s one scene where our lead actor will beat the hell out of our supporting actress and if everything turns out as expected it’s going to be really, really violent. Also, at a sooner point in this film the same guy takes out a little girl with extreme brutality.

So far, the only cast member I got to reveal is Josh Carl who will play the minor role of The Soldier in the film. Josh Carl is an experienced theatre actor.

What else can I say… The lead actress is called Mary Hart and will at some point wear a wet, sleeve-less, white t-shirt. (Guess that one is for all the guys out there)

I have carefully decided that this film shouldn’t be about some psycho serial killer running around, hunting down people. It’s about violent incidents and deep philosophical questions. This one will feature theories that will take down Matrix from the throne of philosophy.

I was extremely overwhelmed to see the writings on the walls in Thir13en Ghosts. Rip Cage takes that work of art a step further.

Also, the teaser poster has been attached for your viewing pleasure. The Savage Dog Films website will soon be back up and it will feature more information on this movie.”

Source: Savage Dog Films, Uncubed