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Massive ‘Saw V’ Casting Update, HUGE Spoiler Alert!

One of the big surprises in all of the SAW films are the big casting reveals that appear when you see the film. Obviously, after four films, it’s expected that we’re going to see a rash of returning characters in Lionsgate’s Saw V, which hits theaters everywhere October 24th. What we’ve got for you inside is the FULL cast listing, which is going to leave some of you flabbergasted. So make sure you put those hard hats on and get ready for Spoiler City.

What Lionsgate has told us is that Julie Benz, Tobin Bell, Scott Patterson, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston, Betsy Russell, Samantha Lemole, Meagan Good, Laura Gordon, Greg Bryk and Carlo Rota all star in David Hackle’s SAW V. What they didn’t tell you is that we learn that Hoffman’s (Costas Mandylor) first name is MARK (big whoop) and that Erickson’s (Mark Rolston) first name is MARK (another big whoop). The real story is the “confirmed” returning cast, which you can reveal by highlighting the hidden text below. Beware of major spoilers. Also, note that the returned cast could be flashbacks, cameos or old footage.

Mike Realba – Fisk
Jeff Pustil – Bernie
Shiela Shah – Special Agent Cowan
Lyriq Bent – Rigg
Athena Karkanis – Agent Perez
Justin Louis – Art
Donnie Wahlberg – Eric Matthews
Danny Glover – Detective Tapp
Behar Soomekh – Lynn
Mike Butters – Paul
Niamh Wilson – Corbett
Angus McFayden – Jeff
Lisa Berry – EMT
Bill Vibert – Officer
Tony Nappo – Gus
Timothy Burd – Obi
Brandon McGibbon – Hank
Natalie Brown – Heather Miller
Sarah Power – Angelina
Cory Lee – Jasmine



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