‘Bubba Ho-Tep’ Specs and Sequel Discussion

Inside, Don Conscarelli (Phantasm) spills the entire beans about this Mays release of his film, Bubba Ho-Tep (review), which stars Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. You’ll read about everything from deleted scenes to a commentary track by Elvis!? Also inside, you’ll find out how buying two DVD’s could help make a sequel possible (yeah right).
Fango just talked to writer/director Don Coscarelli, who shared some details about what to expect from the disc. “It’ll have all the standard features of a fully loaded DVD release, like deleted scenes, trailer and TV spots,” he reveals. “But there will be a bunch of really cool things as well. There’s going to be a commentary with Bruce Campbell and I, and when he does a commentary, it’s always fun. We’ll have several featurettes, which will include a very exciting making-of and others focusing on specific aspects of the movie; there’ll be one on the music [by Brian Tyler], including a never-before-seen BUBBA HO-TEP music video.”

And then there’s that one supplement that has been much-anticipated by BUBBA fans: “We have a special commentary by a special guest, [Campbell as] Elvis Presley himself,” Coscarelli confirms. “It’s hilarious. It’s basically a 90-minute performance piece by Bruce: He takes phone calls, eats popcorn, plays a few new songs on an out-of-tune guitar and bascially gives his take on the movie, what he really thinks. It’s its own little unique work of art, as only Bruce could do it.”

And the guest appearances don’t end there. “Another exciting thing is that we’ve got Joe R. Lansdale reading a couple of chapters from the novella [which inspired the movie]. He’s got that East Texas twang, so it’ll be something to hear. I’m sure there will be more surprises when we’re done, but that’s what we have at the moment.”

Fangoria also asked about the sequel to Ho-Tep, Bubba Nosferatu, “And one last question remains: What of the possibility that the BUBBA NOSFERATU follow-up promised at the end of the movie might actually see fruition? “Bruce and I would love to do a sequel, no question,” Coscarelli says. “There’s so much more he can do with the Elvis character, so if every FANGORIA fan buys two copies of the BUBBA HO-TEP DVD, or buys one for themselves and one for a friend, maybe that will happen!”

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Source: Fangoria