A Deleted Scene Everyone Missed!

Now this is some interesting news, DARKHALO2K dropped me an email and pointed out something really cool on the Freddy vs Jason (review) DVD that everyone missed. It appears that Ronny Yu reshot the ending to Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell! Inside you’ll see an image from the scene along with instructions on how to watch it yourself.

DARKHALO2K writes, “Attached to this message is a shot taken from the trailer entitled “Turn”, found in the TV spots section of the second disc. With the short clip shown within the first few moments of the trailer you can see that the ending to “Jason Goes To Hell” was reshot. I’m guessing that this would have been used within Freddy vs Jason’s intro, when Freddy talks of finding someone who could get him back “home” and the camera zooms into the eye of Jasons Hockey Mask.”

Source: DARKHALO2K, Buy the DVD Here!