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Dimension Plans Long Lives For ‘Halloween’, ‘Piranha’, ‘Midnight Man’ and more!

Dimension Films mad a major, major announcement this evening revealing that they’ve greenlit a whopping 18 direct-to-video pics for 2009 release. Within the release they give us a little taste of what’s coming next year and what’s to come beyond that – let’s just say pretty much every film is about to become a major franchise! The only downfall is the exclusive output deal with Blockbuster Video, who still think they have a right to censor films in their stores (pig f*ckers). Read on for the juicy details.
It was announced tonight that the Weinstein Co.’s Dimension Films is greenlighting a batch of 18 direct-to-video pics for 2009 release. Within the release it was revealed that extensions of CHILDREN OF THE CORN (not to be confused with the Sci-Fi Channel remake), FEAST (with a third already having been filmed) and HELL RIDE are in the works.

Also on the docket are DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, a zombie pic from Raw Nerve, the production entity behind the HOSTEL pics; and two sequels to Marcus Dunstan’s MIDNIGHT MAN, which focus on a villain called the Exterminator dreamed up by the creators of FEAST, SAW IV and SAW V.

The biggie is that upcoming Dimension theatricals such as PIRANHA 3-D and the next HALLOWEEN installment will likely spawn direct-to-disc sequels for their Extreme label.

Big things are coming for horror!



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