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Bloody Disgusting TV: Episode 5 | The Saw V Episode

Jigsaw’s got a new game for you… scroll up and watch the latest episode of Bloody Disgusting TV, which is the “SAW V Episode!” In episode 5 of Bloody Disgusting TV, SpookyDan is willing to cut off his own leg to talk to Saw V director David Hackl. The duo go through production sketches of traps from the various SAW films and talk about what to expect in the fifth film in the franchisee. Also, take a trip with Spooky to the red carpet arrivals for the 2008 Scream Awards where he catches up with SAW V star Julie Benz, producer Mark Berg and SAW II-IV director Darren Lynn Bousman. You can watch the previous four episodes on our Bloody Disgusting TV page we set up this morning. Go give ’em a whirl, they’re short, quick and fun!



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