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Fans Take Over the Marketing for ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera!



Update: new theatrical dates added inside! SpookyDan writes in, “This November Darren Bousman’s film Repo! The Genetic Opera is going to open in a limited amount of theaters. The “Horror Rock Opera” is a one-of-a-kind musical that has proven very difficult for the marketing team at Lionsgate to get behind. All they have to do is look online to see what the fans of the movie are already doing for the film. In what seems to be an unprecedented move, the fans have done impromptu street versions of the film all over the country. Almost everyday we at BD are receiving emails about new events that the fans are holding, and people asking about the film (continued)….”
The craziest part is, not that many people have seen the film as it has only screened at FanTasia and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

In today’s world of movies opening to millions and millions of dollars, and millions of people talking about it, somehow Repo! has touched a nerve with the few that have seen it, and that’s just based on anticipation. Imagine if the film actually opened with a wide release what would happen! Repo! mania is about to start, and this is only the beginning. Check out what the fans are doing!

UPDATE: As of this writing, “SOMEONE” have been pulling down the Repo! fan clips on YouTube, based on copyright infringement. Check out these crazy fan created clips before they are removed!

A quick search over Deviant Art for Repo! brings in loads of fan created artwork.

I can’t wait for this film to open on November 7th, I guess I am not alone. Visit the official website for more fun and to listen to the entire soundtrack streaming live.


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