Raiders of the Lost ‘Tomb’?

Comic book fans will love to hear this news, and anyone who loves Vampire movies might find this tale just as interesting – Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Dracula! According to News A Rama, the comic book Sword of Dracula has been optioned for a film! Read on for details.
News A Rama writes, “Chuck Gordon of Daybreak Productions and Adrian Askarieh of Prime Universe Productions have acquired the feature film rights to Sword of Dracula, a military horror project based on the Image Comics series by creator Henderson, and will act as executive producers in an effort to set up the project with a major studio…”

The story? “What we would like to see with SOD is an opportunity to produce a modern day Raiders of the Lost Ark,” Askarieh added. “Instead of the Nazi’s looking for the Ark and harnessing the power of god, there’s this contemporary militant force, hell bent on discovering the tomb of Dracula and wielding vampirism into a weapon of unspeakable evil. Which is why it’s up to our protagonists to go behind enemy lines and win the race in an action-packed, thrilling expedition.”

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Source: News A Rama