Our Little Detective Work Pays Off..

I wouldn’t really say it paid off, considering this news SUCKS – but I’ve got some good news too! Mr. Disgusting has been making numerous news post within the past month or so claiming that O-Ren Ishi will not be included in NECA’s Kill Bill action figure line. Well today NECA confirmed the news. Inside is the press release along with news a how to get the uncut version of Kill Bill: Vol. 1 on DVD!
NECA writes, “Due to circumstances beyond our control we are not able to offer the O-Ren Action Figure as part of the Kill Bill Series I Figure Assortment. Kill Bill Series I will include The Bride, Go Go, and 3 versions of the Crazy 88 Fighters. Expect updated images and details later this week.”

Now the news you’ve been waiting for!

Deadmanwalkin informed me that if you head on over to DVD Times you can follow links to purchase the Japanese version of Kill Bill: vol. 1. This version is 3 minutes longer and according to sites like AICN, the entire end sequence is in full color! I searched around and found that the Japanese Amazon had it for around $25 plus $15 shipping to the States. Well worth it if you ask me.

Source: NECA, Deadmanwalkin, Amazon..co.jp