‘King Kong’ is Really.. Lord of the Rings 4

Peter Jackson, director of Dead Alive and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, recently talked with Rueters about casting for the upcoming behemoth of a flick, King Kong, which is set for a 2005 release. Read on to see which Lord of the Rings stars might be joining the cast along side Naomi Watts.
Here’s a taste of the article courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s too early to say about cast, apart from Naomi Watts, who’s now confirmed. We need to write for a few more weeks to establish exactly what type of other characters we are looking for. I’m hoping there will be suitable roles for one or two “LOTR” actors. As far as crew go, “LOTR” veterans include Jan Blenkin and Caro Cunningham, both of whom are producing “Kong” with me; Andrew Lesnie is on board as (director of photography); Grant Major is production designer; Dan Hennah is supervising art director. Both Weta Workshop, led by Richard Taylor, and Weta Digital have been at work on “Kong” for some months now. Howard Shore is doing the music. We are talking to all other crew at the moment and imagine the majority will be “LOTR” veterans.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter