‘Strangeland 2′ Actually a Possibility?

Like reported a long while back, Dee Snider (The Twisted Sister Nut), is stuck with no progress on Strangeland 2 because of legal problems. But Snider found away around these problems, re-write the script! Inside you’ll find some details on this possible sequel.. could Captain Howdy still be alive?
Fango got a chance to chat with rocker/actor/writer Dee Snider, who reveals that the long-mooted sequel to his 1998 shocker STRANGELAND may be closer to fruition.

“There’s a lot of interest in making a STRANGELAND 2,” he tells us. “Clearly there’s a solid cult following for the first movie. As a matter of fact, I’m told it’s one of the most stolen videotapes in the rental stores-it goes out and never comes back! I’m currently working on a new version of STRANGELAND 2, because the first script is tied up in the courts with the original film’s producer, the Shooting Gallery, and all their legal problems. It has been over four years now that this has been in court, and we’re waiting for the whole mess to be cleared up so we can get into the preproduction phase with the sequel. The story I came up with for it will remain the same, but the old version was scripted by another writer, Dave Marfield, from my story. Dave is a good friend of mine who I brought in because I did not have time to write that first script, and the Shooting Gallery was ready to move forward with the sequel [before it went bankrupt].

“So now that I have a little more time, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a new one on my own-as I did on the original movie-which I like better. The second script continues with the reality-based approach, and I’ve tried to imagine what would happen next if the Captain Howdy character actually existed. Hence the full title: STRANGELAND 2: THE CULT OF PERSONALITY. And when you see how he survives his death [in the original film], you’ll believe it! It’s not the FRANKENSTEIN ‘he fell though the floorboards to the water below’!”

Source: Fangoria