Goyer Spills Some Serious Plot Details

David Goyer, writer turned director for Blade: Trinity, spilled some major plot points from New Line Cinema’s third installment of Blade. There’s also talk about the possibility of a Nightstalker spin-off movie if the film goes well. Read on for the skinny.
“David Goyer, writer and director of the upcoming sequel film Blade: Trinity, told SCI FI Wire that the movie is a month ahead of schedule and is going well enough that he’s contemplating a future spinoff based on characters introduced in the film. Goyer, who wrote screenplays for the previous two movies in the franchise, also steps behind the camera for the third installment, which brings back stars Wesley Snipes (Blade) and Kris Kristofferson (Whistler) and puts them with a crop of young new actors.

Goyer said that Blade: Trinity deals in part with Blade’s teamup with a new breed of vampire hunters, called the Nightstalkers, played by Jessica Biel (Whistler’s daughter, Abigail), Ryan Reynolds (Hannibal King), Natasha Lyonne and Patton Oswalt. “Blade is extremely resistant to [them],” Goyer said in an interview. “There’s a whole generational thing, because they’re younger and their methods are very different from Blade. So he’s very antagonistic towards them, and they are antagonistic to him, but they are forced to team up. And Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds and Patton Oswalt and Natasha Lyonne and a couple of others, there are about six them, are the Nightstalkers. And if it’s successful, we made a deal with all of them to do a Nightstalker spinoff as well.”

The vampire hunters must fight a vampiress named Danica?played in an unlikely bit of casting by indie darling Parker Posey?and her gang, which includes pro-wrestler-turned-actor Triple H, otherwise known as Paul Michael Levesque. And there’s a dangerous new villain, played by former John Doe star Dominic Purcell, called Drake, which is short for Dracula. “The vampires … [have] been looking for the sort of progenitor of the vampire race, who’s Dracula, but he’s seven, eight thousand years old,” Goyer said. “The whole idea is that Drake, Dracula, was also like the genesis of the Dagon, the Sumerian god, stuff like that. … He’s sort of like the patient zero of evil. … The vampires are looking for him, because he’s dormant and he’s a daywalker” and the potential source of something that will allow all bloodsuckers to bear the light of day.

Meanwhile, vampires have convinced the FBI and local police that Blade and Whistler are menaces to society, Goyer added. That’s where the Nightstalkers come in. “It becomes apparent that Blade and Whistler are forced to go on the defensive so much that they need reinforcements,” he said. “And the reinforcements are the Nightstalkers, which is sort of Whistler’s contingency plan, as he’s been training, on the side, this group of vampire hunters, with his daughter.” Goyer is currently in post-production at Henson Studios in Hollywood, Calif., on Blade: Trinity, which hits theaters Aug. 13.”

Source: Sci-Fi Wire