Paris Hilton Going Through Life Backwards?

Who ever heard of going through life backwards? First you’re a billionaire, then a washed up actress in tabloids and trash magazines for a porn, then you’re a washed up movie star doing lousy TV shows, then you become a movie star? That’s the life of the billionaire Paris Hilton for ya. Now she’s in a Lions Gate Film? Seriously! Read on..
Fangoria writes, “No, not that one. NINE LIVES, a British chiller starring tabloid celebrity Paris Hilton, will be released to U.S. video by Lions Gate Films May 11. Hilton plays one of nine young people invited to a party at a remote Scottish estate, where a vengeful spirit is unleashed and possesses them in turn, causing the friends to violently turn on each other. Andrew Green makes his writing/directing debut on the film; DVD extras, if any, have yet to be announced.”

Because I know you want it..

Source: Fangoria