Anyone Want to be Cloned Cloned?

All of a sudden cloning is becoming a really hot topic isn’t it? Lions Gate Films Godsend hits theaters this April and now Susan Jackson, the producer of Cabin Fever is set to produce another cloning flick entitled Second Edition. Read on for details.
Fangoria reports that, “Susan Jackson, an executive producer on the gory hit CABIN FEVER, has just optioned the horror script SECOND EDITION for her Turtle’s Crossing company. Written by Rodney Lee Conover (who will also produce the film with Jackson, Roni Eguia Menendez and Meta Puttkammer), EDITION combines scares and black humor to tell the story of a distraught father whose attempts at cloning lead to unfortunate results. “Human cloning continues to be a hot topic and with our recent success in the horror genre with CABIN FEVER, SECOND EDITION is very timely,” says Jackson. Conover’s credits include the festival award-winning BACHELOR MAN; a director for SECOND EDITION has yet to be named.”

Source: Fangoria