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AFM ’08: Parasites Take Over in ‘Growth’



Beyond the break you’ll find the American Film Market sales art and long synopsis for Gabe Cowan’s GROWTH, which stars Alexi Wasser, Richard Riehle, Brian Krause, Robert Culp, Chris Shand and Nora Kirkpatrick. We caught a glimpse of the film at the market, which looks inspired by both NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and SLITHER. Read on for the skinny.
In 1989, on a quiet vacation island off the coast of picturesque New England, a groundbreaking experiment is underway. Scientists, working with the island population, have successfully unlocked the gateway to advancing human evolution. Using a parasite, they have been able to amplify the vision, hearing, speed, strength and intellect of the human subject, promising to usher in a new age for mankind…

Until disaster strikes.

Now, twenty years later, JAMIE (Mircea Monroe, TEKKEN), who escaped the island catastrophe as a child, returns with her boyfriend MARCO (Brian Krause, TV’s CHARMED), step-brother JUSTIN (Chris Shand, RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP) and party girl best friend KRISTIN (Nora Kirkpatrick) to sell the property recently inherited from her great uncle. Once there, the group uncovers the key to Jamie’s disturbing past, and the horrifying secrets hidden by Larkin (Richard Riehle, HATCHET) and the other town elders for over two decades.

The early setbacks did not deter the locals from pursuing their research, and now Jamie and the group must fight to escape an island overrun with deadly parasites that turn you super human before turning you super insane!

GROWTH is an action packed psychological sci-fi thriller, filled with special effects that will blow your mind every killer step of the way…


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