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‘Demonic Toys 2’ Shooting This Month!

Some pretty huge news comes in this evening for Full Moon fans as GINGERDEAD MAN 2 and 3 director Silvia St Croix will be stepping behind the camera for DEMONIC TOYS 2, which begins shooting in two weeks in Rome, Italy. For those of you who didn’t know, the original 1992 film was written by David Goyer! You can read the plot crunch inside. The plan is to release the film on VOD and DVD in 2009.
SYNOPSIS: While on a trip to help a eccentric collector of bizarre oddities, young David and his girlfriend Caitlin are forced to fight for their lives when they find themselves trapped in an ancient Roman castle as the Demonic Toys are brought pack to life by a mysterious ancient puppet who sets them on a course for murder. Only the fulfillment of an ancient evil curse can save them. But will anyone be alive to be saved in the end?



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