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BDTV: Trailer For ‘Diary of Michael Richard Paul’

If you check out BDTV you can watch the “red band” (?) trailer for Anthony Falcone’s (99 Pieces) latest feature film DIARY OF MICHAEL RICHARD PAUL. After the loss of his wife, Michael decides to cut himself off from all human contact for the period of 365 days. Through the loneliness and frustration he creates Richard and Paul to help him cope with the situation. Neither of his new found personalities become crazy about the idea of being thoughts inside of his brain. When his made-up friends decide to take control, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen.
Falcon recently commented on the project. “Every great film holds a love story. Every amazing film revolves around the connection with two people, but that’s rarely brought into a thriller or horror genre because we’re too busy being scared. Seeing someone’s head getting chopped off doesn’t affect us anymore. You can close your eyes when you murder someone, but you can’t close your eyes to a story that gets inside your head.”

“Diary” which is being portrayed as a “psychological romance” blends a real life relationship through home video, with fictional feature film footage. The story revolves around a man who over the course of 365 days, slowly becomes demented, mentally sick, creates multiple personalities, and ultimately loses his mind, in love.

“My goal was to show the progression of a man’s sanity and how we deal with love and loss in a real life way. There is an unhealthiness of love and its grasp on our lives. I wanted love to horrify people. I wanted the world to feel sympathy for a sick, sick man.”



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