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Adam Green Talks ‘Frozen’!

Last week we first told you about Adam Green’s (Hatchet) next horror feature, Frozen, which revolves around three skiers who are stranded on a chairlift and forced to make life or death choices that prove more dangerous than even freezing to death. SpookyDan got Green and genre producer Peter Block (Saw, Midnight Meat Train) on the line to chat a bit about what we can expect from the project, all the details can be found by reading on.
Last week Peter Block’s new company A Bigger Boat announced that it has greenlit the chilling thriller FROZEN, written and to be directed by Adam Green. Block took some time out of his busy schedule to comment on the project.

FROZEN is the perfect first project for A Bigger Boat,” he explains. “A high concept thriller with a talented young filmmaker on board. HATCHET proved that Adam can direct fun horror comedy and attract an audience but this project will show his ability to create a realistic, tension-filled thriller. I couldn’t be more excited to work with him and his team at ArieScope.

Adam Green called in to chat a bit about FROZEN, which he says will be a much more serious film that HATCHET, Anchor Bay’s popular slasher film that gave homage to classic ’80s slasher films.

This is much more serious than HATCHET,” Green explains. “There is very little to actually no gore on screen. It will probably be PG-13, not because of the producers, but because that is how the script is written. They are going to let me shoot what I want. So if I want to have a gorier version for DVD I can, but it’s doubtful, because this is one of those movies where what you DON’T see makes it scarier. Its not ultra violent, or filled with sex, it’s ultra realistic.

Green also talked a bit about how the film came to be.

A while back, I was watching the morning news and they were looking at Big Bear and [they were] showing the chairlifts had stopped. I was thinking, how do those chair even hang on. Then I started thinking about the smaller ski resorts that are only open once in a while, the cheap ones. That got me thinking about what if you were on a chairlift and it stopped, and you were left behind, how would you get off? For anyone who has skied before, the chair stops for no reason all the time. Usually its because someone was having a problem getting on or off, but there is a safety in knowing that the chairs will start moving again. That’s really where the idea came from. How far would you go to get out of a bad situation, if you knew the consequences could be very bad? Would you jump if you knew you were going to break both of your legs?

He also reveals that they plan on shooting here in the States.

We are going to try to film it somewhere in the States, I know wherever we shoot will be freezing ass cold! Both Airescope and Bigger Boat are US based companies, and while I know its cheaper to shoot somewhere like Canada (which we did for GRACE) we want to try and keep it here. We should know in the coming weeks where its actually shooting.

If FROZEN wasn’t a big enough story, Peter Blocks new venture outside of Lionsgate has everyone talking.

A Bigger Boat is Peter Blocks new company. I knew Peter when he was with Lions Gate and liked him then, I am not just saying this because I am working with him, but he is one of us,” explains Green. “Now it’s his company and he is doing the movies with his rules and his way, the way that he wants to make them. He has been very selective on what his first production is going to be, because the first one will sort of define the company. It’s great because this is an important movie for him. With my past films it was a struggle to get so many things to happen, and with Peter on board, I know his heart is in the right place. He is actually going to be standing out there with us in the snow. As you know, he is one of the guys who is there for our backyard screenings and when we go out socially, he is one of us!

Fans of HATCHET might be disappointed to hear that you won’t see any of the actors returning, but there’s an obvious reason as to why.

I think I can safely say that none of the HATCHET actors will be coming to this. We aren’t really doing any cameo roles to the extent we did in HATCHET. With HATCHET the spirit was about reminiscing about what horror was like, and with FROZEN this is a [more] serious kind of a movie. We begin our casting process next week, its all coming down to acting ability. Its not about someone having a name, even if you’re a name you are coming in and reading for it. That’s just how it has to be for this, because one weak performance could blow the whole thing out the window. We are taking this very seriously.

You can read the official announcement made last week here. Watch this spot for loads more in the coming months.



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