DVD Review: ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

Coming March 30th from New Line Home Entertainment is Texas Chainsaw Massacre (review) on DVD. The film will be available in both a single disc version and a special 2-Disc Platinum Series Collectors Edition on DVD, so either way, there’ s a DVD for both types of fans out there. Inside you’ll find a review for the double disc special edition DVD to New Line’s blockbuster shock fest that made over $80 million at the box office. You can buy it by clicking here.
Just about equal in value to the Freddy vs Jason DVD (review), this double disc set is jam-packed with hours of entertainment for not only TCM fans, but Ed Gein fans as well!

The one way this DVD is better than any other DVD I’ve ever seen is its unique packaging. It comes with a cool little tin logo (like the image to the right), which you can display somewhere in your room or office. The tin lays on top of the sleeve, where the two disc packaging slides out of a cover for them. Instead of opening from left to right, it is displayed from top to bottom, in the shape of a chainsaw – very cool indeed. Now here’s the part I really like – instead of having a stupid sleeve with the scene selection on it, they print it on the cardboard, saving their pennies for a special package! Inside this special package is evidence photos from the murders, on the back of the photos read where it was found and how it was used etc. There’s nothing like an extra incentive to buying a DVD.

The DVD is jammed pack with high quality sound and picture, which in my opinion is a large factor in the entertainment value of this movie. It comes equipped with DTS ES Surround and Dolby Digital EX 5.1, which sound incredible when the chainsaw is roaring! The transfer is beautiful and the blood glistens like it was right on your screen.

One thing that has been getting sort of lame lately have been commentaries, but New Line found a way to make this group entertain to the highest level. On disc #1, with the movie, instead of having one or two different tracks with two different people on it, the entire group whom worked on the film have focused their conversations on three aspects of the film. They are found on three separate tracks: the Production, Story and Technical aspects of the film. It takes a lot of effort to find new ways to do the same old thing, and New Line is on top of their game.

Disc #2 is the DVD loaded with the hours of goodies and it does not disappoint for a second. The first segment on the DVD is “The Production”. I went straight to the deleted scenes/severed parts just like a good fanboy should. Although most of the several scenes were “alternate” versions of clips, they did not disappoint! Two of the scenes – both from death scenes – where incredibly more violent and bloody, which is always a good thing. Then there were a different opening and ending. The opening was kind of boring, while the alternate ending was interesting, but left me a bit confused. The cool thing with the “severed parts” were that you can watch them in “documentary style” and listen to everyone talk about the scenes and why they were deleted.

Also under the Production were three different screen tests with Jessica Biel, Eric Belfour and Leerhsen. It was them sitting in an office acting out some scenes from the movie. This is always entertaining and its funny to watch Eric smoke without a cigarette.

But the best thing on this DVD is the “Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre” feature that ran in at over an hour and fifteen minutes! Not only did they get Joe Bob Briggs involved in the discussion, but they went over the history of Texas Chainsaw Massacre in good detail. They talked about how they didn’t want to make a “campy film” and such. One segment I really enjoyed was the talk about how they sold the idea to New Line. Michael Bay made a teaser trailer, with almost no imagery. The trailer takes place in a completely pitch black room and all you can hear is sounds and screams, when I found out the whole trailer was in the “trailers’ section, I was so excited to watch it. Also on the making of was how they got Nispel to direct, how they did the hook scene and headshot scene, and how many of the actors got their parts. My favorite was with Jonathan Tucker (100 Girls), he had a hard time looking the part, but once he achieved it, he stunned everyone, including me! He actually made himself vomit on numerous occasions during the shoot where he has the gun in his mouth. His determination was unbelievable and makes my respect level for him rise about 100% – not that he cares. Another segment I enjoyed was watching Andrew Bryniarski talk, he was a lot of fun, and seems like a great guy. You can read Heidi’s interview with him here.

The final thing under Production was a small gallery. At first I thought it was lame until I watched one of them. The second of two galleries depicts Scott Stoddard’s different images of how he thought Leatherface should look. For all you know, Leatherface might have ended up as one of these other renditions!

Over back on the main menu, I decided to watch the special story on Ed Gein, which ran a little over 25 minutes. They talked about how you can turn a child into a monster, what Gein did to Plainfield’s image, what Gein did to society and culture and more. One thing I’d like to point out is that TCM is NOT a story based on Ed Gein, only inspired by, the stories are completely different.

The final section on the DVD is the “Publicity and Promotions” section. They had Michael Bay’s teaser trailer inside, the one you’ve never seen before along with the theatrical trailer, which kicks major ass of you ask me. Also there were several TV spots along with Motor Grator’s music video for the film.

Overall I give this DVD set a 5 out of 5 Skulls – a perfect score! Lately horror is finally getting the recognition it deserves and these are the DVD sets we only dreamed about a few years back. On March 30th, when this baby hits video stores and you’re trying to decide whether or not to save a buck and buy the single disc, I say go the extra step because this DVD is no one time watch! Check out the official site or read my review of the film here.

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre is pure shock cinema; to me, this was a true horror film. There is nothing funny about it, nothing fun, nothing normal, there is no doubt that this is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre flick. The film is unsettling, disturbing, and most of all relentless. TCM makes you beg for survivors, because you don’t think you can handle another victims untimely demise.” – Mr. Disgusting

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