’30 Days of Night’ Falling Behind

If they don’t hurry, it’ll be 30 days of day. Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures is still over a year away from getting around to Steve Nile’s comic book adaptation of 30 Days of Night, and have three movies slated before they even get around to it. Read on for details.
Anchorage Press reports that the adaptation of Steve Niles’ comic book mini-series about vampires in Alaska during the time of the midnight sun looks to be on hold whilst another writer gets to work on it.

Sam Raimi has plans to produce the film under his production company Ghost House banner, but shooting is at least a year away probably longer according to a company rep. GH plans to release three other movies before ’30 Days’ which will be handled by Columbia Pictures in the US

About the rewriting of his script, Niles says “Another writer coming on is standard operating procedure. I’m in contact with the writer and he’s cool and wants to preserve the story from the comic… probably more than my script even did. I still have faith. The year off thing is good too. It’s the first time we’ve heard anything close to a date. I think at this rate, Wake the Dead will make it to the screen first”.

Niles fans can be heartened by the fact Columbia is in the process of acquiring another of his script after originally passing on it last year. Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up. Follow the link below for more details of the comic book sequel to 30 Days.

Source: Anchorage Press