Official News on ‘Halloween 9’

I had to stick the word “official” in there because of all of the bogus Halloween 9 news that has surfaced over the past six months. I’ve heard everything from a remake being made to Sally Fields being in the next installment. Well here’s some official news, from the official site, just read on to see what the status is on Halloween 9.
The following is from an interview over at with webmaster Anthony Masi, “Mike: The banner for news on Halloween 9 has been up for a few weeks now. I know you can’t go into detail, but is there anything you can tell us? And if you were writing the next installment, what would you do?

Anthony: I’m glad I have this chance to put some rumors to rest, while providing an explanation to the Halloween fans that tune into the site every single day waiting for news on H9. The producers cannot make any official annoucements until the screenplay is finalized. Although there is a story in place, Miramax is finalizing the draft that was submitted. Once that’s finalized, can make an official announcement. You can be sure to expect a great storyline, and expect the film to be one of the best sequels in the franchise.”

Follow the link for the full interview.

Source: Halloween Movies, SicDarko