First ‘Freddy vs Jason 2’ Casting News?

Well I’ve got a nice handful of Freddy vs Jason 2 news for you – some good – some bad. As of right now, reports are in that a 20 page treatment for the sequel has been turned in, and that it does in fact involve Ash, and not only that, New Line is working on making Evil Dead 4 after that. But is this really true? According to Robert Englund’s wife it may not be! Read on for the scoop along with news on who might be the first to be cast in the sequel, I think you’ll be Shocked!
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Triple H’s good work has again increased interest in using WWE stars in movies. There is some early talk of using Chris Jericho in the Freddy vs. Jason sequel and there is also some interest in using Eddie Guerrero in movies. Many people will be watching his drawing power as WWE Champion closely to see if putting him in movies is worth it.

More WWE superstars invading movies – at least we know they can act – they do it every week on TV! Thanks to Ryan

As for the posible rumor control, according to an email I got from SlasherDeath, the news about Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is false, “Im signed up for the Englundlist on yahoo (its a fan e-mail for Robert Englund) and his wife Nancy had something to say about that, “I spoke with Jeff Katz yesterday at the New Line party and he was quite amused to be informed that he had written a 20 page treatment. He hasn’t. But he is the go-to guy for the project and says that talks are moving apace to make the FvJ2 project happen.
” I have not seen this email yet and have requested a copy be forwarded to me so I can confirm this, so don’t take this as factual just yet.

I wish I knew who Dark Horizons sources were, because they are usually VERY reliable when it comes to scoops, so no disrespect meant to them in this post.

But all this makes me think – one of these two reports MUST be false. Either the treatment is in and casting talks have begun or Chris Jericho is NOT being considered for a role. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Keep your eyes posted here for more in the near future.