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UPDATE: New Progress on ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’



UPDATE: Eisner is in fact still attached to direct, according to AICN: A remake that has been lingering for what seems like ages over at Universal Pictures is The Creature from the Black Lagoon, which until now had director Breck Eisner locked down to direct. Today a new interview with Producer/Screenwriter Gary Ross appeared online to talk a bit about the remake, all of which can be found beyond the break. Maybe if THE WOLFMAN is successful in the Spring it’ll light a fire under Uni’s arse?
Producer/Screenwriter Gary Ross talked a bit about remake today to Collider. It seems that the movie is still not greenlit yet, but he hopes to have it going sometime next year. He also said that it’s not going to be campy and that they still haven’t decided if the creature will be live action or it’ll be CGI.

I’m producing it. We’re actually moving forward,” Ross tells Collider. “It’s not going to be campy. It’s not a reference to what the original was. It’s not reverential that way. We take it seriously. We found some scientific underpinnings for it which my dad actually found in the original. He based it on a lungfish he found around that time, a lot of that was his. We’re not approaching it in a campy, retro sort of way.

Ross also reveals that the remake will be based on the original film, which is one of the all-time greatest horror films and beloved among horror fans.

Well it’s certainly going to be based on the original; my dad’s favorite was The Creature Walks Among Us and that was the last one which my dad also wrote. My dad actually died two weeks ago. We’re going to be faithful to it.?

The shocking news came when Ross explained that no director is attached anymore. Breck Eisner’s name has been connected to the project for over a year now. “That hasn’t been decided yet,” he tells the site.

As for CGI, Ross explains that “those are decisions that will always be made during prep. The movie is not greenlit – let me say that. But we hope to be making it sometime next year….

In the original 1951 classic, a scientific expedition traveling up the Amazon River encounter a dangerous humanoid amphibious fish creature.


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