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Sweet Trailer For ‘Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent’

Imagine DMX with a rocket launcher fighting a serpent with an alligator head, that’s what you’ll see when you check out K2 Pictures’ LOCKJAW: RISE OF THE KULEV SERPENT. This is pretty fun looking flick and the trailer is cool, although the extended promo we saw had some crazy sh*t in it. You can check out the trailer at BDTV. Using ancient Voodoo, an African priest creates an indestructible evil. The evil is rediscovered by a boy in modern day America, conjuring a giant serpent that terrorizes a terrified community. Now the only thing that stands in its way is Army special ops vet and master hunter Nick Kirabo (DMX) who has been waiting for “Lockjaw” to return.



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