Be the First on Your Block to See ‘Dawn of the Dead’

Matt C. dropped by a sweet lil’ scoop for you guys. At participating EB Games, you can pick up a promotional mini-poster and a FREE pair of Advance screening tickets for Universal’s Dawn of the Dead remake! To get tickets for your advance screening, head here and find out where you can go to pick up the tickets. If you attend the Chicago screening, Mr. Disgusting will be in attendance (look here to see me)! Remember, once the theater is filled, it’s filled – and no one else gets in – so get there early!

Here’s what I look like now:

I’ll be wearing a sweet red sweatshirt like the one below:
(yes, I’m drunk – and in Vegas)

Say Hi – or just tell me how much you hate me!

Cya there!

Source: Mattc, EB Games - Click HERE for Ticket Info