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Ash Saves Obama! New Series For Army of Darkness



While reading the new comic Freddy, Jason, Ash, Nightmare Warriors; I saw an ad for the new upcoming Army of Darkness comic. Ash Saves Obama brings together two powerhouses this August, Ash Campbell and President Obama. This series like it will be the usually Army of Darkness fare but with the Presdient since Obama is so hot right now in comics. I really don’t know what’s hotter in comics, zombies or the presdient? More info after the break.
AshBama He’s faced them all, but Ashley J. Williams is about to face the greatest horror of his entire deadite-kickin’ career – a comic book convention! But this ain’t any ol’ comic book convention, this one features a special appearance from the president of the United States of America – Barack Obama! How do things go from there when Ash and Obama are in the same place at the same time? And did we happen to mention that the Necronomicon is there doing the thing it does best – turning ordinary humans into the demon possessed undead!


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