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Indie Horror Spotlight: Syxx Pixx Volume 3

Mike Syxx is back with his third addition of “Syxx Pixx”. Granted we’re about a week late in posting this, there is still a ton of info on a bunch of new upcoming indie horror films for you to chew on. Read on for your first look at STIFF JOBS and more! Click here to read Volume 2 featuring BIKINI BLOODBATH.
In the Works: Thanks for joining us on this last Syxx Pixx of 2008! And as a slightly early Christmas present, I am pleased to bring to you a Syxx Pixx exclusive. Get ready for the first look at the trailer for Kevin “Colonel Kill Motherfuckers” Strange’s Stiff Jobs! Thanks for that one Santa Strange and Hack Movies!

To watch the exclusive premiere of the trailer, click on over to BDTV now!

This is Kevin’s third feature length film and fourth time behind the camera. If Colonel Kill was any indication of what to expect, then Stiff Jobs should be something sick. According to the director, “Stiff Jobs is the story of two of the most ruthless hitmen in all of Strangeville, Wolfram and Windgate. What was to be a routine hit on a well to do gay pedophile with inclinations toward fat Cuban boys, turns into murder, mayhem and all the perverted sexual nonsense Hack Movies is known for when our heroes get themselves cunt deep in supernatural jizm, and come face to face with the forces of darkness!

This is without a doubt the MOST offensive Hack Movie yet, and will be the most offensive underground film of 2009. there’s tits, dicks, asses, shit, vomit, gangrape, pedophiles, more tits, gore, gore, gore, and enough sex jokes keep your great grandma entertained for months!

Viral Alert: Who is Trenton Bracks? That’s the question citizens of Chicago will be asking themselves soon as K.M. Jamison’s Serial kicks off its promotional campaign to raise interested and funding. We could show you a bunch of pictures to help boost awareness, but we’ve got something better. The Serial team has just (today actually) cut together a new teaser. You folks are the first to see it! I love this job!

Serial: Amoral Uprising from Michael Scola on Vimeo.

Available Now: Marcus Koch’s carnie centric killer clown flick 100 Tears got its DVD release this month! 100 Tears follows two reporters as they try to piece together the trail of blood and body parts left behind by Gurdy the Clown. Filmed in and around the Tampa Bay area, Marcus Koch shows us the not only the dirty parts of my home town with a twisted style, but also the interesting carnie settlement that pays its respects to all the traveling performers who have delighted us in years past.

Coming up in the New Year edition of Syxx Pixx, we’ll take a look at the upcoming cult thriller Brainjacked and some fresh new media from Serial. Deck your halls with bowels o’ nasty and e-mail me here with information about your indy films that need some exposure!Mikeeee



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