Parting Ways: Director Leaves ‘Ring 2’

Over the past year, things seem to have been progressing very nicely for Dreamworks’ sequel to the 2002 blockbuster hit, The Ring, a remake of a classic Japanese horror flick. Naomi Watts and co have signed on along with first-time director Noam Murro, which I wasn’t to pleased about. Well good news for skeptics like me, Murro is off the project; but could it lead to bad news in the end? Read on for details.
According to the Holywood Reporter Commercial director Noam Murro is no longer helming DreamWorks’ sequel to The Ring, stepping aside after nearly five months of development. Murro signed on to make his directorial debut on The Ring 2 in November but since that time has faced creative differences with the studio over the direction of the franchise and decided to step aside, sources said. “This is a mutual parting based on two creative differences,” DreamWorks co-head Walter Parkes said. “Noam Murro is an extraordinarily gifted director, and we intend without hesitation to try to work with him in the future.”

It’s unclear how Murro’s departure will affect the start date or the involvement of Naomi Watts, who is attached to star in the movie, a sequel to the 2002 horror film about a sinister videotape. The 2002 film proved to be a sleeper hit, grossing nearly $130 million domestically.

Variety adds to this surprising news, “According to DreamWorks, the release date for “Ring 2″ remains Nov. 10. A new director is expected to be named as soon as this week.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter