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Director Found For ‘The Thing’ Prequel

Two weeks back we brought you the official shooting synopsis for Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment’s The Thing prequel, now we have a bit more on the project that was scripted by Ronald D. Moore. Beyond the break you can learn about who the main character might be and also check out who we’re told could be directing this major sci-fi horror project.
The Thing 1982 John Carpenter and Kurt RussellBloody-Disgusting has learned this morning that Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. is in talks to direct THE THING prequel for Strike and Universal Pictures, although we don’t have official confirmation. Heijningen has already been attached to direct ARMY OF THE DEAD for Zack Snyder’s Strike Entertainment.

Something else we found interesting is that we’re told that van Heijningen is pushing to make the lead character none other than R.J. Macready’s brother! As you all know, R.J. Macready was played by the awesome Kurt Russell in John Carpenter’s remake from 1982.

As of right now this should be taken as rumor as nothing is set in stone. Just some food for thought… what do you guys think?

Here’s the synopsis: “In the screenplay by Ronald D. Moore, the prequel takes place from the Norwegian camps point of view. An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly mad Norwegians pursuing and shooting a dog.

The helicopter pursuing the dog crashes leaving no explanation for the chase.

During the night, the dog mutates and attacks other dogs in the cage and members of the team that investigate. The team soon realize that an alien life-form with the ability to take over bodies is on the loose and they don’t know who may already have been taken over.”



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