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‘Strangeland: Disciple’ Production Begins This Year?

While I absolutely hated the film back a decade ago, over the years I have found love for Dee Snider’s STRANGELAND, which is about a sadomasochistic predator who surfs the internet looking for on-line female victims. While a sequel has been in talks for years now, the Twisted Sister frontman is claiming production begins this year. Read about it inside.
Dee Snider in StrangelandTwisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is set to revisit his role as Captain Howdy in horror flick `Strangeland’, having written the sequel which will go into production this year, according to NME.

`Strangeland: Disciple’ comes 11 years after the original, and continues the story of a schizophrenic sexual sadist who lures victims via the Internet.

Strangeland: Disciple will come complete with an NC-17 rating right off the bat, and Snider promises it will be “ultra-intense”. The movie will be set in the “underworld of body modification fetishists, amid the secret sado-masochistic freak societies of perverted pleasures that lurk just underneath the veneer of respectable society.

The soundtrack of the 1998 movie included the likes of System Of A Down, Slipknot, Kid Rock, Twisted Sister, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson and Pantera, and led to a ‘Strangeland’ tour. Snider says hopes to re-introduce a tour to coincide with the sequel.



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